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18. October 2012

Good ideas, good deeds

MAYmagazine | beyond fashion wants to encourage and support people and organizations with a human, ethical and spiritual concern. The web magazine is a creation of the fashion label MAY YOU BE HAPPY

MAY has several meanings in English. As a noun it stands for the month of May, in poetry, perhaps even for youth or prime. As a verb it expresses a possibility and potential too. Also for MAYmagazine. The new Web magazine is a creation of the fashion label MAY YOU BE HAPPY. MAYmagazine is to become an independent journalistic magazine. With the fashion label it shares the DNA of the company: The wish that all beings may be happy.

The pursuit of happiness can be seen as the strongest impulse of man. Wisdom teachings indicate that only a happiness that includes other beings, gives true satisfaction. MAYmagazine combines with the wisdom and will make a small contribution to spread it – beyond fashions, beyond the world of fashion too.

What is true happiness? How can one achieve? In its column Happiness MAYmagazine feels for the ways that can lead to a happy and contented life. Shared joy is double joy – the proverbial truth is heading to the bottom of Compassion: compassion, the sympathy for the fate of fellow human beings and the environment, is the key, with which many people opened the door to a rich and fulfilled life. The world of MAYmagazine is big and colorful, the People section enlived of artists, active and entrepreneurial people who can let follow their good ideas, good deeds.

You feel good when you do good

MAY YOU BE HAPPY comes from Hamburg, Germany. The new fashion label stands for lively elegance. The styles are not reduced to a certain age and not to lean sizes. Tops, Tunics, T-shirts: They have been inspired by Asian aesthetics and Mediterranean lightness. Cool but never cold they are designed for women, not for girlies. And for men who don’t want to look like boys. MAY YOU BE HAPPY: innovative with cuts and fabric design, yet not eccentric. Easy to mix and match with every wardrobe.
The shirts are mostly made of organic cotton and are produced in Germany and Poland

MAY YOU BE HAPPY are favorite shirts that one will like to wear every day. They are made for people who enjoy fashion and beautiful things. Being aware that there are more important issues in life than fashion fun. The corporate goal is not to make profits for a few. Large parts of the company’s profits to be donated to charities.

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