4. January 2011


The Idea

“May you be happy!” The emphasis is on “you.” Excessive egocentricity causes many of the world’s problems. More and more people get aware of this and are trying to lead less egocentric lives. MAY YOU BE HAPPY expresses their attitude towards life: Feel good, do good. Lively elegance

The fashion brand MAY YOU BE HAPPY was founded in Hamburg, Germany. Our collection of Contemporary shirts for men and women.  stands for lively elegance. This elegance is not limited to a certain age or skinny sizes. Tops, tunics, T-shirts: They have been inspired by Asian aesthetics and Mediterranean lightness. Cool but never cold they are designed for women, not for girlies. And for men who don’t want to look like boys. MAY YOU BE HAPPY: innovative with cuts and fabric design, yet not eccentric. Easy to mix and match with every wardrobe.


You feel good when you do good

MAY YOU BE HAPPY are favorite shirts that one will like to wear every day. They are made for people who enjoy fashion and beautiful things. Being aware that there are more important issues in life than fashion fun. The pursuit of happiness leads to real satisfaction only if it includes other beings on its way. MAY YOU BE HAPPY feels associated with this wisdom, and will contribute to spread it.

MAY YOU BE HAPPY makes every T-shirt an excellent present – for friends and relatives as well as for oneself. It makes you happy to wish others happiness – give it a try! “May you be happy“ will boost your mood: for those who proclaim it, to those who hear it.

To wish happiness to others is beneficial. However, material support is required, in order to alleviate poverty. MAY YOU BE HAPPY wishes to provide financial assistance as much as possible. The business objective is to spread large parts of profits to the needy.


Bio & Fair – Eco Fashion – Made in Germany

The shirts are predominantly of high quality cotton from controlled biological cultivation, produced  predominantly in Germany and also in Szczecin/Poland and Holland. We strive to work with producers who are certified with the seal of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), a particularly rigorous and extensive testing method. We have decided to produce MAY YOU BE HAPPY as far as possible in Germany or nearby. Not only the sustainable production of organic cotton is environmentally friendly but also short transport distances.

It is much cheaper to produce in Asia. Customers are pleased with decent quality at a bargain price. But hundreds of thousands of people pay extra: such as the seamstresses who work in Bangladesh or China on low wages, often under miserable working conditions.

There are now many initiatives and projects, which fight in the countries of the so-called Third World for human production conditions, legal and social standards and fair trade. We welcome this outstanding effort! Our decision to Made in Germany is not directed against other production locations. It is a decision for this: to participate, to obtain the few remaining jobs in the textile industry in Germany or Poland. We want to create a network of partners with whom we work long and trusting.

The production costs for a shirt from MAY YOU BE HAPPY are high, so we can not be cheap. We do not want to either. We want to be fair – to our suppliers and employees, and especially to our customers. We promise: Our shirts are of very fine quality and our prices are calculated fair!


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