Happiness is a decision

A society that puts people’s overall happiness first of the priority list  – just a beautiful dream? For Action for Happiness that’s the program. The London based initiative wants to become a mass movement for positive social and cultural change. Mark Williamson, director of Action for Happiness explains, how and why this has to be achieved.

What is Action for Happiness about?

Action for Happiness is about encouraging the shift to a happier society. That means a society where more people are leading happy, balanced and fulfilling lives and fewer people are leading unhappy lives where they feel trapped, unloved or unfulfilled.

However, although the idea is simple, achieving this will require a big cultural change – one that challenges all of us to live in a way that prioritises the things that really matter most. So we’re building a mass movement for social change. Our aim is to bring together people who believe that things can be better and encourage them to do more to increase the well-being of others as well as helping them find ways to lead more fulfilling lives themselves.

Ultimately, we want to help create a society that puts people’s overall happiness first, rather than focusing just on economic growth. We want to encourage people away from self-obsessed, materialistic and unfulfilling behaviour towards a more collaborative and loving way of living, where we value generosity, trust and positive relationships. Our aim is to inspire people to get in touch with what really matters to them and help them join together to make positive changes in their families, schools, workplaces and communities. (more…)


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