Happy and hard

To get up 3:30 clock to sit motionless to 13 hours on a pillow, hard work outdoors, in hot and humid summer and cold winter: Is this hell? Is it luck? It is every day life – for Muho, the German abbot of the Japanese Zen monastery Antaiji

From the Japanese 3-million-city of Osaka to Antaiji it’s only 180 kilometers, but it is a long and arduous journey. The train will take many hours to the town Hamasaki, from there one has to take the bus to Kutoyama. On the way the road branches off to Antaiji, you have to get off here and walk – uphill four kilometers. Finally, the destination is reached: the Zen monastery Antaiji. (more…)

Laughing Face

What fun: at a party in Osaka (Foto: Banriman)

The greatest joy

Everybody wants to be happy, but for everyone it means something else. Is it even possible to answer the question “How will I be happy”? Empirically-working researchers say “yes”: Happiness can be learned. Really?

It is the greatest feeling. All other values rank behind: health, love, wealth, success –  man search for them for only one reason: to be happy at last. It is not so sure what happiness is. Is it a lottery? The first kiss of the new lover? A day without pain, a life without hunger? “Everybody wants to be happy,” knew the ancient Greek Aristotle. But for everyone it means something else. (more…)


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