A human at first: American pianist and jazz master Herbie Hancock, relaxed in the very moment
A human at first: American Pianist Herbie Hancock, relaxed in the very moment

Imagine Herbie

Herbie Hancock is reinventing himself again and again. Interviewed by Hans Oberlaender the exceptional American pianist tells why he is looking for challenges, avoids comfort zones and why his current Imagine Project is a spiritual message

In the end they were dancing: in the audience and on stage, to the beat of Rockit and Chameleon. And if the manager had not impatiently blinked with a flashlight to leave, Herbie Hancock and his band perhaps had played a further addition. But that would have been too much of a good thing – after 140 minutes concert in Hamburg’s Laeiszhalle in which the master and his fellow musicians, took away the audience on a tour de force of nearly 50 years Herbie Hancock music – and beyond. (more…)

Osaka Oscillographer

With his photo-diary “Ozaka fotolog” Japanese photographer Banriman gives unusual insights on the everyday life of his native city and Japanese culture. MAYmagazine shows a selection of his greatest – and sometimes bizarre – pictures

The enormous torch was burning like hell fire. Supporters of the old Japanese folk religion Shugendo had ignited it. With a magic ritual, they wanted to draw strength from the elemental energy of fire. “It was incredibly hot,” says Banri Tanaka. “The whole thing was very sacred, but also quite crazy.” (more…)


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