4. August 2011

Welcome to MAYmagazine!

MAY has several meanings in English. As a noun it stands for the month of May, in poetry, perhaps even for youth or prime. As a verb it expresses a possibility and potential too. Also for MAYmagazine.

The new Web magazine is a creation of the fashion label MAY YOU BE HAPPY, starting just now with a first collection. MAYmagazine is to become an independent journalistic magazine. With the fashion label it shares the DNA of the company: The wish that all beings may be happy.

The pursuit of happiness can be seen as the strongest impulse of man. Wisdom teachings indicate that only a happiness that includes other beings, gives true satisfaction. MAYmagazine combines with the wisdom and will make a small contribution to spread it – beyond fashions, beyond the world of fashion too.

What is true happiness? How can one achieve? In its column Happiness MAYmagazine feels for the ways that can lead to a happy and contented life. Shared joy is double joy – the proverbial truth is heading to the bottom of Compassion: compassion, the sympathy for the fate of fellow human beings and the environment, is the key, with which many people opened the door to a rich and fulfilled life. The world of MAYmagazine is big and colorful, the People section alive with artists, active and entrepreneurial people who can let follow their good ideas, good deeds.

MAYmagazine is still small, but it thinks big – and global. Therefore, the Anglicisms, sorry! Who wants to accompany MAYmagazine on it’s way, or who even wants help paving the way with photos, stories or informations is welcome. Journalists, photographers, artists, gallery owners, publishers, philanthropists, charitable organizations, and even investors, please contact us!

MAYmagazine wishes all readers a stimulating experience.


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